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Welcome to Chaotic Order's website!

Aiden finds a new home

Julez Healin`Rayn, Oct 23, 09 11:50 AM.
CO killed this guy some time ago but I was slackin' and didn't post the screenie.  Go CO!

Taskmaster dies by CO hands!

Julez Healin`Rayn, Oct 23, 09 11:48 AM.
Taskmaster died like the slimball he is which gave us two more mythicals!!!!  Forgot the screenie of the dead mob though, doh.


I missed the screenie for the flash across your screen text but I got the one in chat.  Huge grats to you still though Eldrac  :)


Nexona Dead!

Julez Healin`Rayn, Oct 23, 09 11:42 AM.
Grats on another VP kill CO!!  And grats to those mythicals!!!!


Killingisbliss also got his myth but I missed the screenie, doh!  But grats to you all the same  :)

Silverwing is toast

Julez Healin`Rayn, Oct 23, 09 11:20 AM.
Silverwing got the beat down!!  Grats CO on another great kill in VP!

Phara Dar owned by CO!!

Julez Healin`Rayn, Oct 23, 09 11:14 AM.
Another VP kill and more mythicals for CO!!  Grats on your myths and grats CO on a great kill!



Druushk down!!!

Julez Healin`Rayn, Sep 29, 09 2:27 AM.
One pull, one kill!!!

GU 53!!!!

KaldonAchino, Sep 23, 09 5:19 PM.
Game Update 53 is here check out the paticulars from this site!

Levi Down!!!

KaldonAchino, Sep 3, 09 10:10 PM.
 We crushed Levi as a guild for the first time, thank you all for the help and gratz to all the people who got VP flags

Master P down!

KaldonAchino, Aug 19, 09 8:36 AM.
Thanks everyone for the great raid and congrats on beating this guy, he can be tough!

Chaotic Order Has a New Address!

System, Aug 17, 09 8:05 PM.
Chaotic Order has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild''s home on the web!
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